10 Ways for Freshmen Out-Of-State Students to Find their Niche at Auburn

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Getting involved as an out-of-state student is sometimes difficult and intimidating, especially at Auburn University where 65% of students are from Alabama. Here are some tips (from one out-of-state student to another) to help ease the transition to your new college home!
1) Join Emerge
be a leader Emerge is a new Auburn leadership initiative started by Student Affairs that replaced what was formerly known as “Freshman Leadership Program.” Emerge is built to be a four-year experience based on the principles in the Auburn Creed. Click here to learn more.
2) Greek life
greek life Greek life is an excellent way to meet forever friends at Auburn University. In 2016, Auburn Greeks raised over $700,000 for their philanthropic efforts and performed over 91,000 community service hours. If Greek life isn’t for you, never fear- only about 30% of Auburn’s campus is involved in a Greek Organization. Learn more here.
3) Stay involved in classes
class One of the best ways to find your niche in Auburn is to stay involved and engaged in your classes. This may seem like a no-brainer, but the best way to get the most out of your Auburn experience is to participate in your classwork.
4) Actually engage on the concourse
concourse At Camp War Eagle you are sure to hear tales of the horror of the concourse during campaign weeks or O-Days (Organization Days). If you pay attention, you can actually learn a lot about the great things going on at Auburn.
5) Learning communities
learning community Learning communities are a little-known gem of the Auburn first year experience. Learning communities are cohorts composed of 19 students that share a common interest or major. Learning communities also have the opportunity to live in the same dorm together. Learn more here.
6) Take a first year seminar course
lecture For students that want the support of a learning community, but only need it for the first semester, a first year seminar is a good choice. All FYS courses provide assistance with academic skill development, adjustment to college life, and detailed information on and experience with the functions, support services, and resources of Auburn University.
7) Go to Auburn athletics events
athletics The best thing about going to school on the Loveliest Village on the Plains is the amazing traditions surrounding Auburn game day. If you don’t know the chats and songs yet, don’t worry! They are super easy to pick up.
8) Consider getting a job
job While you may be very busy your freshman year, getting a job on or off campus is a great way to make some extra money and some friends.
9) IMs
IMs Intramural sports are a great way to meet people and keep in shape. Team sports include flag football, sand volleyball, and soccer. Special events and tournaments such as tennis, golf, and swimming and diving are also held each year. If you were involved with sports in high school, joining an intramural team could be exactly what you need. Learn more here.
10) Live on campus
dorms While the dorms may not be a glamorous living option, they are the best way to make lasting memories with your roommates and hall mates. Check out roommate matching services like Roomsurf if you don’t want to get a random roommate.